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If you’re conscious about the planet but want to explore the high seas, an eco-friendly cruise is just the thing for you. From sailing between islands in the Caribbean through to exploring the coast of Alaska, it’s no wonder cruises are incredibly popular holiday choices for many. However, it’s very difficult for cruise ships to be environmentally-friendly as they use an enormous amount of fuel and energy to sail thousands of people around the world. Cruise ships produce tons of sewage along the way, much of which is dumped into the ocean, threatening wildlife. So why not give the ocean some love and book one of the world’s best eco-friendly cruises:

By Andrew Mayovskyy

1. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has upped its eco-friendly offering in the past years. Cruise ships have to be creative in the ways that they get rid of waste, and with the Royal Caribbean Cruise, no waste goes overboard. The cruise ship doesn’t offer disposable utensils and they purchase food with minimal packaging. In order to save energy and fuel, Royal Caribbean doesn’t use one of the ships’ engines for one month during the winter period, as the demand on air-conditioning is normally lower during this time of year. As the name suggests, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers stunning cruises through the Caribbean and beyond.

By Royal Caribbean

2. Solstice, Celebrity Cruises

Solstice, Celebrity Cruises has a whopping 216 solar panels on board, providing energy to the ship’s LED light system, meaning the ship has significant fuel savings. The Solstice runs on routes that pass through everything from the Caribbean through to the Mediterranean. Alongside its energy-friendly solar-panel offering, there’s also a water filtration system to convert black water and wastewater to almost-clean conditions, before being dumped back into the sea. It’s one of the best eco-friendly cruises out there.

By Celebrity Cruises

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3. Holland America Cruises

Holland America Cruises is just about as eco-friendly as it gets in the world of cruise ship vacations. It’s a historic cruise ship company that can take you around Bermuda, the Panama Canal, the Mediterranean, and the Orient. The company has made significant improvements on its energy efficiency in the past few years, with some of its top new policies including no waste thrown overboard, environmental staff-training programs, a towel reuse program, and installing low-flow shower heads, meaning less water is used. The cruise ships’ water waste is treated and cleaned through two systems, before being discharged back into the sea.

By hollandamerica

4. Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Cruise Lines have jumped on the eco-friendly wave. In recent years they made themselves more energy efficient, with energy-saving lighting, plus reducing the weight on their ships and therefore easing up the demand on the ship’s engines. The popular cruise line is a dream come true for kids and families, and it runs routes across the world, with some of your favorite Walt Disney characters on board. (

By Oh My Disney

5. Norwegian Cruise Lines

Offering great routes, such as traveling down South America and exploring Alaska, it’s no wonder Norwegian Cruise Lines is such a popular choice. The ships are known for their great entertainment, with offerings such as an onboard bowling alley and video game screens, the boats sail thousands of thousands of people around the world each year. Sustainable policies include treating black water to high standards before dumping it, which is done several miles offshore, and donating used cooking oil to people in port cities.

By YouTube

6. Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises prides itself on being one of the greenest and most sustainable cruises. Offering routes all over the world on beautifully decorated ships, the company have ensured their cruise ships are geared towards reducing energy and maintaining the reuse or proper disposal of residual matter. The cruise line has an environmentally conscious crew and uses advanced equipment to treat and process onboard solid waste.

By Leisure Group Travel
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