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So you’re taking the (naked plunge) and going on a clothing-optional cruise. Even though you won’t be wearing much more than your birthday suit, there are still a few essential items you should bring to make sure your holiday goes swimmingly… Here’s a packing list for clothing-optional cruises.

1. Sunscreen

As with any clothing-optional holiday in the sun, sunscreen is a must. There will be parts of your body on show where the sun doesn’t normally shine, and you need to keep your skin protected. We recommend a high SPF for the body parts that are normally restricted by clothing or swimwear.

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2. Workout Gear

Many cruises offer activities such as yoga and pilates. If you’re keen to take part, maybe you want to wear shorts or leggings for this one… yoga poses in the buff may be a little too revealing.

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3. Shoes

This one is a must! It’s not nice or hygienic to walk barefoot around a cruise ship. Bring a pair of shoes, sandals or flip-flops to protect your feet.

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4. Anti-Sea Sickness Pills

From the moment a ship sets sail, some people experience motion sickness. Whether you experience it or not, it’s always wise to bring anti-sickness medication just in case. Motion sickness wristbands also do a good job.

5. Clothes

While this might sound like bizarre advice for a clothing-optional cruise, bringing a small number of clothes to change into is a good idea. What if you don’t follow tip number one and you get burnt and want to cover up? Or what if you fancy scrubbing up for a nice meal with your significant other in the evening? Be sure to check with your cruise, as some ships do require that you wear clothes during meal times.

While clothing-optional cruises tend to stop at nude beaches, you might also need clothes in case you want to explore a nearby town, or another beach, during shore excursions. Bring some basic cover-ups, such as a kaftan, sarong or long pants, and something nice to wear in the evening.

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6. Bathing Suit

Following on from tip number six, it’s also wise to bring a bathing suit, in case you want to explore non-nudist beaches during a stop-off. Also, remember to brush up on your general nudist beach etiquette.

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7. Naughty Costume

Costumes are often worn on adult cruises, so why not bring something fun along — it will be a great talking point with other guests.

8. Moisturizer

After a busy day sunbathing on the sun deck, slap on some cooling Aloe Vera gel or moisturizer and replenish your skin. If you’ve got a bit overzealous with the sun-worshipping you’ll be glad you brought it with you.

9. Reading Material

Is there anything better than sailing the seven seas with a good book in hand? Bring along reading material or podcasts to keep you occupied as you cruise through the ocean.

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10. Hat

To protect your head from the midday sun, a hat is a must! You can be in the sea and the pool and keep your scalp protected. Wearing a hat is also important to help prevent sunstroke.

11. Soft Towel

Bring a towel, so when you’re hopping off the cruise ship during a beach-stop, you can dry your naked body with your own soft towel.

12. Passport or Foreign ID Card

Cruises often stop at various countries and ports, so you’ll need to be able to show your passport. Bring a convenient passport bag or pouch so you don’t have to keep fumbling around to find it.

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13. Binoculars

Obviously not to be used to spy on fellow nudist cruise guests, but binoculars can be great fun when looking out to sea, or trying to spot islands and land from afar.

14. Underwater Camera

To catch some awesome photos of your time in and on the water.

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15.  Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging toiletry bag is really handy for any cruise. Ships rock back and forth and toiletries or makeup can roll onto the floor. If you’re new to the nudist scene, here’s the low-down.

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