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Haiti is for the adventurer. Unlike other Caribbean islands that boast large, protected resorts that meet your every desire to the point where you see no need to leave the resort, Haiti is for travelers who like to go out and explore, do things for themselves, and enjoy both the bumps and beauties of the unbeaten path. WiFi might go in and out and all your friends might ask you why you don’t go to the more popular Dominican Republic next door, but you’ll have the opportunity to carve out your own adventure. We’re here to help you find the accommodations to help you do it. With that in mind, here are our picks for the top Airbnb Haiti places for those seeking the unbeaten path.

By Zach Vessels

Surf Haiti Guesthouse

A simple yet elegant cabin perched up in the jungle above Kabik’s Beach, this guest house takes you away from the crowds and puts the swells and the jungle at your fingertips. Located in the rural Cayes Jacmel beach commune, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the slow pace of life will be a welcome change. In addition, one plus of a guest house is that you will almost certainly meet like-minded travelers who might be up for an adventure.

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airbnbs in Haiti
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Oceanfront Escape With Staircase to the Water

Walk down the wooden staircase to the water and snorkel, take a water taxi to the local beach or to a nearby island, purchase fresh-caught tropical fish and watch locals grill it for you on the beach, and finish the day watching the sunset from a chair on the deck. This one-bedroom house in the northern community of Labadee looks like a dream.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

airbnbs in Haiti
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Room in a Seaside Villa

This villa is also located in Jacmel and looks nothing short of ideal for solo travelers and couples who don’t mind sharing a roof when they take a break from exploring. The breakfast of Haitian coffee and local fruit, the small pool with an ocean view and the charming thatched roof combined with creative interior design won us over.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Rooftop Bungalow in Port-au-Prince

What about travelers looking to explore Port-au-Prince? While we’ve never seen this idea before, it looks like a cool one. This is a bungalow built into the second floor and roof of the original house and guests can access the multiple levels by using a rotating latter. The host runs a local school and an orphanage so you can expect plenty of local tips. Four beds mean there’s room for up to eight guests. Oh, and the terrace has excellent views of the city and nearby mountains.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Where to stay in Haiti
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Caps de Marcheaux Mansion Guest House

As far as Haitian coastal views go, this has to be one of the best. This villa, located in Caps de Marechaux on the country’s southern coast, is a pearl-white mansion on a cliff that looks out over the water. With a pool, an observation deck stretching out toward the water, and covered hammocks for naps after long days in the sun, guests will be plenty comfortable. Have your camera at the ready when the sun goes down.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Where to stay in Haiti
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Oceanfront Cabin to Catch the Breeze

Coterelle Breeze is a small resort that offers private cottages in Coterelle, just east of Jacmel. The cottages are surrounded by leafy palms, and guests are served some of the best local cuisines when they’re not down in the water snorkeling or up by the cottages lounging in the hammocks enjoying the breeze. Sounds ideal to us. Each cottage has two beds so there’s room for up to four guests.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Airbnb Haiti: Best Places to Stay for Adventurers
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