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With more young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs running away from the offices in the U.S. and out to the wi-fi hotspots of the comparatively remote world, the life of a “digital nomad” is becoming an increasingly common calling. But traveling the world and keeping your business life in order are two tasks that don’t always mix well. So what are some travel tips for digital nomads trying to make it all work? Here a few keys to consider before you clean out your desk.

Travel tips for digital nomads
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It may seem obvious but think wi-fi first. Every hotel, hostel and bus ride needs to be scouted for wi-fi availability before you pull the trigger. Constant wi-fi is an unrealistic goal, but do your best to minimize in between “dark” time. After all, productivity is the goal at the end of the day.

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Get Out and Meet People

Good nomads prioritize their social life along with their work productivity. Getting swept away with your work and neglecting social opportunities is a one-way ticket to burnout. You might find that you’re even more efficient during work hours when you have something to look forward to after you turn off your laptop.

By Jens Jonhsson

Get Used to “Plan A” Failing

Frequent travel comes with a lot of delays, botched reservations, and language barrier-induced miscommunications. A good nomad has to think on their feet and switch to Plan B at a moment’s notice. A prerequisite to a quick switch is, of course, having a solid plan B (or C) thoroughly planned.

Outwork Your Title

It may be stylish to call yourself a digital nomad or an entrepreneur, but as sharp as it may sound, you’re not worth much if your work ethic doesn’t surpass your “style”. Remember that while you may be traveling, you have to be an exceptionally hard worker — and get results for your clients or your business — to make the lifestyle sustainable.

By Tran Mau Tri Tam

Use Travel Apps

Having the right apps and knowing how to use them can streamline travel exponentially. Study up with our list of best travel apps for iPhone and Android.

Know Your Visa Status

As a responsible traveler, you have to know what your legal status is in your country of choice. How long do you have until your tourist status expires? What kind of visa do you need? Do internet research before you head out. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard and have to rush through a visa application process — or worse, get deported.

By Agus Dietrich

Time Difference

Know your time zone and be ready to adjust to the schedules of your business and clients back home.

Traveling as a digital nomad can be a tough task. Here are some travel tips for digital nomads to keep you productive on the go
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  1. These are such useful tips! I’d love to be able to combine more work and travel one day – that’s definitely the goal! 🙂

  2. Great tips, even for those who aren’t full time digital nomads, thanks for sharing.

  3. kingteeuhh

    good wifi and meeting people are so important! def working on the latter

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