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Koh Phangan, the beautiful island in the southeast of Thailand, is quickly becoming a hub for travelers. The island formerly famous for full moon parties is now gaining a wider reputation as a destination for wellness and ecotourism. With top-rated yoga retreats, eco-lodges, conscious vegetarian eateries, and digital nomad spaces, it’s no wonder Koh Phangan is being added to bucket lists around the world. Here’s the full lowdown on what to do and where to stay on Koh Phangan:

By Ragnar Vorel

Places to Stay

There are plenty of great places to stay on Koh Phangan. These properties have been selected based on their ethos to take care of the environment or provide a peaceful place to stay for a meditative experience.

Jungle Gym and Eco Lodge

Jungle Gym and Eco Lodge is first and foremost a beautiful place to stay, but what sets them apart from many other places on the island is their commitment to sustainability. Their goal is not just to make their accommodations green, but also to help the whole island. For example, the most popular cocktails on the island are served in buckets, like the ones used for making sand castles. This requires multiple straws. The ecolodge has been buying biodegradable straws in bulk and distributing them amongst the many bars on the island.

The lodge itself also has many sustainable practices. Much of the food they serve comes directly from their own garden. They present eco-education classes to their staff, local schools, and any guests who are interested. Also, the beach resort gives every single guest an eco-friendly reusable bag for shopping or to take things to the beach. The goal of their giveaway is to alleviate the damage done by single-use plastics, including plastic bags.

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Kalulushi Eco Lodge

These four bamboo bungalows are just north of Thong Sala and situated right on the shoreline of a beautiful beach. Each individual bungalow has private balconies, beach access, air conditioning, and snorkels for ocean fun. The lodge is also easily walkable, to some of the most popular bars and restaurants on the island, while still maintaining a quiet feel. As for sustainability, Kalulushi takes it seriously. Besides using local building materials, the eco-lodge exists amongst a sustainable vegetable farm — they even grow some of their products and plants through hydroponics. Hydroponics is a very environmentally-friendly practice that involves growing plants in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil.

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The Sanctuary

One of the best places to practice self-care and mindfulness, The Sanctuary markets themselves as somewhere anyone can just “be”. The serene setting lends itself perfectly to the number of healing opportunities offered: the onsite spa offers numerous massage packages, an herbal steam room, and an infrared sauna. The hotel also has separate accommodation for those wishing to detox, including options for fasting and colonics. Not to mention, their daily yoga classes are a bonus!

By The Sanctuary Thailand Facebook

Places to Eat

A great way to remain committed to a conscious lifestyle while on vacation is by staying disciplined with a healthy diet. And what better spot to do it than in Koh Phangan where an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies grow!?

Pure Vegan Heaven

Pure Vegan Heaven has an awesome vibe in a very natural setting. With hammocks and tables amongst local flora, the ambiance really seeps into the experience to create a healthy feeling meal, both with the food and the soul. We recommend their breakfast burrito in the morning, the green papaya salad any time of day, and one of their bowls or veggie rolls for the main course dish. Pure Vegan Heaven has seen so much success that they now have other locations in Chiang Mai and Phuket.

By Pure Vegan Heaven Facebook

Karma Kafe

This café serves up some of the best vegan treats and meals on the island. The café itself has a good vibe as the building mixes elements of traditional Thai design with a touch of chic. Our food recommendations here include the beet burger, the Green Bowl, and veggie sushi.

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Green Gallery

Do tofu nuggets sound like something you would be into? Then check out the Green Gallery. Their Mediterranean inspired dishes are also excellent, the best being the hummus, falafel balls, tofu quinoa salad, and Greek salad with vegan feta cheese. Green Gallery is equally a great place to socialize as they have live music or movie showings just about every night, and instruments and a library of books to use during the day.

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