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Island life, sleepy old fishing villages, Caribbean culture, crystal turquoise seas, and soft, warm sand — Martinique is calling your name. The Caribbean island, an overseas department of France, is home to some of the best beaches and beach adventures in the region, as well as local, fresh, incredible food that you definitely can’t miss on your trip. So practice your French, book your ticket, and check out our list of the best beaches in Martinique.

1. Grande Anse des Salines, Sainte Anne

Looking for the best beach of them all? Head to Grande Anse des Salines, in Sainte Anne. With crystal clear water and soft, golden sand, this beach is picture perfect Martinique. Jump into the deep blue sea or get your tan on while relaxing on Grande Anse des Salines’s sands. The beach is home to many food stalls and restaurants, watersports, and Club Med Martinique is just a short ride away. Visit the all inclusive resort for fun activities every day of the week.

Martinique's Best Beaches

2. Anse Dufour, Les Trois-Ilets

Sit back on the golden sand and enjoy the clear turquoise waters in front of you. Anse Dufour, near Les Trois-Ilets, is perhaps best for a day spent in the sand with picnics, sand castles, naps, and ultimate relaxation. The beach is often less crowded than many others on the island, making Anse Dufour an ideal getaway if you’re looking to escape the throngs of fellow tourists. Anse Dufour offers you shoreside restaurants and food vendors serving up the best of the local cuisine.

Martinique's Best Beaches

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3. Anse Noire, Les Trois-Ilets

Just around the corner from Anse Dufour, you’ll find Anse Noire. The black sand beach is usually without visitors, making it the perfect spot if you’re looking for some privacy. The secluded Anse Noire is accessible by staircase and the clear, gentle blue waters make it the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach sits in a little cove surrounded by thick trees all around the shore.

Best Beaches in Martinique

4. Plage du Diamant, Le Diamant

For amazing views, check out Plage du Diamant. The white sand beach sits near Le Diamant, in southern Martinique. Plage du Diamant offers you one of the best views of Rocher du Diamant, a roughly 500-foot-high volcanic formation in the water off the coast of the island. Plage du Diamant can be rough at times, however, there are plenty of other things you can do to enjoy the soft sand and incredible views. Relax, nap, have a picnic, set up a game, and take in the beach’s beauty.

Best Beaches in Martinique

5. Cap Chevalier, Sainte-Anne

Looking for the clearest of clear waters? Head to Cap Chevalier, on Martinique’s eastern shores. The beach is home to crystal clear blue waters, soft sands and a relaxing vibe that will put you as far from your cubicle as possible. Chevalier is a great spot for scuba diving and snorkeling and the beach is lined with local vendors offering up fresh, local food. Cap Chevalier, near Sainte Anne, is a good alternative to the crowded beaches of Les Salines if you’re looking for a little more privacy in the same area.

6. Le Coin, Le Carbet

Looking to combine great food with an ideal beach vacation? Le Coin, in Le Carbet, is perfect for you. The beach sits in a sleepy little beach town on the northern side of Martinique. Enjoy the beach’s picturesque blue and green waters and soft golden sand. Be sure to head over early, however, as Le Coin can become crowded with tourists. For a meal, head to world-famous restaurant Le Petibonum, opened by Chef Guy Ferdinand. Le Petibonum is said to have the best food you will ever eat in Martinique, so be sure not to miss it.

Beautiful Beaches in Martinique

The Best Beaches in Martinique
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