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Every serious nudist knows there are a few things you need to tick off on your nude bucket list. We’ve put together a list of 10 fun and relaxing activities that you simply have to do in your birthday suit. From naked bike rides, through to wining and dining in the buff, here’s the ultimate nude bucket list:

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1. Nude Sunbathing

Whether it be on a nudist beach or at one of the world’s many nudist resorts, nude sunbathing is one of the most popular nude activities. You can feel the sun’s gentle rays on places where normally the sun doesn’t shine — and work on your all-over body tan. So say goodbye to unsightly tan lines! Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of Nudist Beach Etiquette to get beach-ready.

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2. Naked Camping

One of the best nudist experiences is slipping into a sleeping bag in the buff whilst camping in the wild. Splash out on a sleeping bag made from cotton and have the best night’s sleep of your life.

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3. Naked Yoga

Yoga is an incredibly relaxing activity, and why not seek a deeper level of relaxation and leave the constraints of your clothes behind. Gone are tight leggings, restrictive sports bras, and the boxers that society tells says you have to wear. You can fully appreciate the beautiful, spiritual experience of yoga au naturel.

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4. Skinny Dipping

Ah, a fresh naked swim! Is there anything better than taking a dip in cold or warm waters naked? Ditch the swimsuit and you can swim as freely as a fish in the open sea. Skinny dipping in rivers and natural pools is also an incredibly refreshing experience and an absolute must for any serious nudist. Always check that there is no one in sight that might get offended by your nudity before you strip.

5. Naked Golf

Yes, naked golf really is a thing! There are several golf courses around the world where you can have fun playing with balls (the golf kind…) and getting competitive with other fellow nudists and golfers. Check out the lowdown on Naked Golf.

6. Communal Baths

Whether it be natural hot springs or communal baths, there are plenty of places to relax in warm waters in the buff. If you like the idea of traveling overseas, in Japan, for example, there are thousands of communal baths that are known as Onsens. Communal baths in natural hot springs are an important part of Japanese culture and in many of the baths, nudity is not just optional, it is required. Read up on The 7 Best Onsens in Japan before you undress. 

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7. Party in the Buff

Anything goes at Burning Man Festival — and that includes being naked. The festival, which takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, is one of the world’s wildest events. From wacky costumes to zero costumes, you can party in your birthday suit and you won’t get strange stares. It’s incredibly sandy in the desert, so things might get a bit uncomfortable, however, what are a few days of discomfort for nudist memories that will last a lifetime?

8. Nude Bike Ride

There are several naked bike rides that take place during the annual World Naked Bike Ride. The concept of the international naked bike ride is to promote body confidence in an increasingly image-focused world. The naked bike rides take place in dozens of cities throughout the world, and over 50 countries, including cities in the United States and in Europe. During the bike ride, cyclists, artists, and people looking for a good time take to the streets to cycle a designated route naked.


9. Naked Runs

Riding a bike naked is one thing, but going for a naked run is only for the really bold. There are a number of naked runs worldwide, such as the Caliente Bare Dare 5K in Florida and the Nude Run of Finland. Check out the low down on How to Prepare for a Naked 5k to get ready. 

10. Wine and Dine in the Buff

Obviously you can be naked and eat a meal in the privacy of your own home, but there’s something more thrilling about eating naked in a public place. That’s when nudist resorts come in. Along with nude swimming pools, beaches, and fun activities, resorts are also home to a selection of nudist restaurants where you can wine and dine with friends or your significant other in the buff. Maybe sausages will be on the menu. 

To print: Your Nude Bucket List

  1. Nude Sunbathing
  2. Naked Camping
  3. Yoga au naturel
  4. Skinny Dipping
  5. Naked Golf
  6. Communal Baths
  7. Party in the Buff
  8. Do a Naked Bike Ride
  9. Go on a Run in the Nude
  10. Eat without Clothes

Completed all ten? You’re officially living the nudist life to the fullest!

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