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If you’re looking for a couple’s vacation with a difference, why not spice things up and go to a clothing-optional resort? Nudist resorts are becoming more and more popular, as travelers are realizing the benefits of a free-loving, nudist vacation. It’s no surprise the best resorts are located in the Caribbean, where you can kick back on white sand beaches in your birthday suit. From x-rated nudist resorts, through to raucous party resorts, or relaxing destinations where you can go au naturel with your significant other, we’ve rounded up the best clothing-optional couple resorts in the world:

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1. Hedonism II, Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its abundance of adult-only, nudist resorts. With exotic beaches and unlimited rum-based cocktails, it’s easy to see why. Of all the clothing-optional resorts in Jamaica, Hedonism II is the most well-known — be sure to leave your inhibitions at home. Hedonism II, located in Negril, is known for its x-rated parties and swinger lifestyle. It’s a destination for adventurous couples looking to spend time with other couples and enjoy what the resort has to offer. The resort has a private nude beach and to one side of the beach, you’ll see couples putting on x-rated displays, and to the other side of the beach, you’ll find more modest couples that prefer to stay clothed and work on their lack of tan-lines.


2. Desire Resort & Spa, Mexico

Desire Resort & Spa is one of the most popular clothing-optional resorts in the River Maya in Mexico. It’s a couples-only resort set on a picturesque white sand beach, with turquoise water and gentle breezes. While you can relax on the beach during the day, at night, the resort is known for its raucous, x-rated parties where anything goes. It has an adult playroom with a round bed and erotic props. The resort also has a large pool, whirlpool tub, fitness center, and spa, where you can unwind in your birthday suit.


3. Sandy Bottoms Resort, Canada

Moving away from the Caribbean, Sandy Bottoms Resort in Ontario, Canada is the perfect clothing-optional resort for a couple that’s new to the nudist scene. It’s a no-pressure, couples-only resort with a friendly atmosphere. It’s very ‘beginner-friendly’ so it’s not compulsory to bare it all, however, most guests do. The resort has fun themed activities and entertainment where you can mingle with other guests. During the day, lounge on the resort’s private lake and sand beach and feel the sun on every part of your body.

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4. Temptation Resort, Mexico

Also located in Mexico, Temptation Resort in Cancun is an adventurous destination for couples looking to add a little something to their vacation. Women are required to be topless at the resort, and both couples and singles are welcome to have fun and party. It has seven jacuzzis and three swimming pools to enjoy. In the main pool, you’ll find daily games where you can meet the other guests, while at night there’s a risque entertainment program. The resort also boasts an on-site aphrodisiac restaurant, where you can really set the mood with your partner.

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5. Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

Located in Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Couples Tower Isle is a small nudist island, just a short boat ride from the main Ocho Rios resort where clothing is required. On Couples Tower Isle island, however, nudity is not just welcomed, it’s compulsory, so you can sail from the main resort to the island for an intimate day with your significant other. The resort was a top spot for celebrities in the 1950s and you’ll easily feel famous with a cocktail in hand at this luxurious getaway.

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6. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, Florida

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is located in Kissimmee, Florida. It’s an incredibly relaxing vacation destination, where you can be at one with nature and kick back in the pool or have a relaxing massage. The resort is spread across almost 300 acres of land that includes a large lake and wetland area to explore. Visitors are generally couples or families looking to leave the constraints of the modern world at home.

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  1. Carmela, estoy planeando un viaje a Jamaica con mi esposa, nos gusta el nudismo de playa pero el estar vestidos para cenar. Nos gusta un lugar donde haya buen servicio y buena comida y bebida. Nosotros estuvimos en Gran Lido Negril hace como 15 años y nos gustó mucho, pero he leído que ha cambiado. De tus recomendaciones Couples Sans Souci, Couples Negril y el nuevo Gran Lido, cuál crees que sea la mejor opción ? Alguna otra opción en el Caribe ? No queremos ir al áres de Cancun por el problema del zargaso en las playas.

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